We are a program based on three fundamental principles: FOCUS, INTENSITY, AND DISCIPLINE. It is our belief that if we have these three traits in all that we do – on and off the field – we will be highly successful.

Focus: The ability to concentrate all of our efforts, on any given task, for a specified amount of time, regardless of other distractions in our lives – physical and/or mental. This applies in the classroom, on the playing field, and in all other aspects of our lives.

Intensity: The ability to give more than 100% of our efforts, abilities, talents, and skills – both mentally and physically – in all that we do, in the classroom and on the field. Go hard or go home.

Discipline: The ability to maintain focus and intensity at all times in all that we do. Discipline involves doing what is best for our team and ourselves at all times and in all places – attending every class, making wise decisions off the field, completing all strength and conditioning activities, etc. Practice with pride, play with pride, wear the Starzz logo with pride, and always represent the team and the City of Willoughby in the most positive way possible.

2022-2023 Managers

8/9u - Audrey DeMarco (
10u - Hope Bartholomai (
11u Red - Kim Bucar (
11u White - Jamie Eck (
12u Navy - Gabby Abramczyk (
13u - Jamie Eck (
14u - Christina Hammond (
15u - Josh Javins (
18u Red - Dan Andow (
18u White - Dean Maron (

Photo Credit to Lake Photography