Our Board

Board of Directors

President – Ryan Kennedy
Vice President – Ashley Kennedy
Treasurer – Gabby Miller
Tourn. Admin – Mark Pasqualone
Administrative VP – Jamie Eck


Dean Maron
Rob Bartholomai
Dan Andow

Committees & Chairs

Field Coordinator & Controller – Josh Javins 
Social Media & Promotions – Loraine Mazzolini
Uniform Committee – Josh Javins & Jamie Eck
Fundraising – Dean Maron & Christina Hammond

Our board meets regularly year round on the first Monday of each month. In addition to those listed above, each Starzz manager also serves on the board. A general parent meeting is held each fall with the entire board.

Questions? Email Ryan Kennedy, Starzz President at rmkennedy15@aol.com.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 546, Willoughby, Ohio 44094